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acknowledgements    i would like to take this opportunity to thank three very dear friends  Susan Thompson, Gun Brooke and Pam for their tireless beta reading and constant support   i dont know where i would be without them


please note    for some reason a few of the story pages do not like 600 x 800 resolution screens  if you have problems you can copy and paste them into a word doc (which seems to fix the problem) or email me and i can send them to you




one shots


          Finishing a Thought    Original    Erotica    DO NOT read at work, or at all if strap-ons make you squeamish... seriously *g*


            Laid    Original    Erotica    The very different lives of two women intersect and sparks fly


            Breathe    Original    short    a sensual first person journey


            Existence    AU J/7    darkfic    set some 400 years into our future     gene's vision of the future it aint


Maybe. In dreams    ST:V  J/7    what could a starship captain and an ex-borg drone possibly have in common


Every Step    J/7 Uber    very short (2 pages) inspired by sting's "Every Step She Takes" and the movie "One Hour Photo"

  "Every Step" was nominated for a trefoil award for best uber fic



Tropics   in progress   'original' fic    set in tropical north queensland… a highly decorated us navy captain is 'outed' and takes some time off to decide the future of her career… while visiting friends she meets renowned landscape photographer kamryn raines and the decisions she has to make begin to multiply

prologue    chapter 1    chapter 2   chapter 3   chapter 4 soon

  how cool is this?!!  Tropics won this in the category ‘new story of note'. thanks to those who voted for me. to check out the rest of the nominees and winners go to J/7 Blue Awards 


Collision   in progress  XF/TR xover  Scully/ Croft    alternate universe    Scully is on a mission to find herself and two worlds collide  

part 1    part 2    part 3    part 4 incomplete


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