posted 2 May, 2006






by Snowolf




I sit quietly for the longest time and you don’t know I'm here. I get to watch you in this unguarded moment as you look out over the ocean from the deep upstairs veranda of the hundred year old pub. No-one else is around and I can hear the waves, the trees, and the cicadas setting up their raucous summer noise. You take a deep breath and pull the long sleeved t-shirt off leaving only a tight tank top; your muscles flex and shift under tight tanned flesh. My mouth waters at the sight, my heart pounds, and my senses flare as I catch the rich sent of your perfume blown over on a breath of wind.


You stretch mightily and I can’t contain the quiet gasp that escapes as I take in your magnificence. Then you begin to sketch a series of stretches like those you complete before you run. Stretches designed to loosen long muscles, but only serve to fuel my arousal when you bend and twist. My desire is growing as I sit on the vast cloud soft sofa tucked into a corner out of the weather. I was so delighted to find this spot when we arrived but haven’t had the time to show you before now, I don’t think you’ve seen me yet.


I call a quiet “Hey” and you swing around. Startled for a second, ready to run eyes wide until you realise who called. Your smile is easy and the emotion shines from your beautiful clear eyes. It’s been like this from the beginning. We just fit, not merely our bodies, but our minds and souls. For a moment, all that I feel wells up into my throat and I forget to breathe. Then you’re there, kneeling on the old boards before me, elbows resting on my knees as you lean in for a soft kiss. My hands reach to gently frame your face and the moment I touch you electricity arcs and the kiss deepens.


Pull back, breathe hard once, twice, then meet again and the intensity has increased. Your kiss meets mine in force and passion, your tongue slides over the roof of my mouth and behind my teeth, I groan deep in my throat. Leaning back into the sofa I pull your hot body to cover mine, your warm weight between my thighs, my legs locked around your hips.


Now it’s your turn to groan as you feel the heat radiating from my sex where it’s pressed against you. You start a slow grind with your hips, pushing your tongue into my mouth with the same rhythm and I feel the first stirrings of my orgasm. Your hand slides under my shirt and finds my nipple, chafing and pinching. I pull my mouth from yours with a quite cry. You lift my leg higher with your other hand, shifting my position for maximum pressure and I’m suddenly coming, teeth buried in your shoulder in an attempt to stifle my cries.


The orgasm lets me go, gently, and I sag back into the sofa, pulling you to me tighter. I don’t want you to abandon me yet in this my most vulnerable moment. After the flashfire of orgasm I need the reassuring weight of your body holding me together. This time is different though, and I sense your need. I shift in an attempt to reach your body. Forestalling me with a chuckle, you help me to my feet with a quite “Come inside” before leading me to the other end of the veranda, through the French doors into our room.


Stopping next to the bed our embrace is natural and unhurried even if the fire still runs hot. I reach for you and our lips join, mirroring the fire within. This time I will have you. I must have you and push you gently onto your back. Clothes find the floor as if by magic and I’m looking at your smooth skin. My mouth is watering at the sight of you. Leaning in I press my face to your skin and inhale, breathing in your natural scent and your perfume, a heady mix indeed. “I want to taste you,” I say, and the fire flashes into your eyes. You nod silently the words seeming to be lodged in your throat. I smile and kneel before you, paying homage to my goddess, my beautiful obsession.


Your sex is wet and swollen, and the scent of your arousal is strong and clean as I reach out for my first taste. Running my tongue along your flesh, you arch and growl. I love it when you growl. I must hear it again so I take your hard clit in my mouth and suck with the gentlest of pressures. Now your body arches strongly and I lose my grip. You whimper in disappointment. “Please,” you beg and I relent, having sympathy for your plight. Pulling your legs up and over my shoulders, I can control the pressure and your movement. I move back in to feast.


You are so wet and hot and sweet, unlike any before you. I tease you with long strokes of my tongue through your wetness. Your hips grind below my face trying to increase the pressure, angle me to just the right spot. Finally when I know you’re close, I suck your clit into my mouth, gently rasping with my tongue. You feel the soft scrape of teeth and your body goes rigid and I can tell by the way your thighs tremble that you are so very close. Pushing three fingers into your body, curling them up to catch the spot inside and your legs clamp around me as you cry out your pleasure, your juices coating my hand and chin. Gently I help you down. I love to feel the twitches of aftershocks course through you and I leave my hand and mouth there, not wanting to abandon you just yet


“Come here,” you say finally, voice hoarse from your harsh breath. I slide over your body, covering you as you covered me, offering the reassuring weight. I reach in for your kiss and feel your lips slightly cold against mine and then gasp in delight as you frame my face and lick your own wetness from my chin. Gods, this is divine and I smile when you lay a gentle kiss on the corner of my mouth. “I love you,” you say quietly, a wealth of emotion behind the words. “I love you,” I say in reply, but it isn’t an empty automatic response. It’s a feeling as big as the universe and as constant as my breath.



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