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Please Note: Due to various issues in my life I have decided to pull the pin on my writing. I don't know at this stage if this will be a permanent thing. I will continue to hold on to my domain and the site will stay here for now, however there will be no further updates in the foreseeable future.





welcome to the den

what you will find contained in these pages are original and fanfiction stories by myself and a real life friend

we hope you enjoy the work

FYI… all the stories contained here are Adults Only and most contain romantic and sexual encounters between two women

if any of this is illegal where you live or you are underage I suggest you leave now

due to the sometimes chaotic nature of real life i don't post as regularly as i would like

joining my updates list is probably a good idea

one more thing… flames will be posted on their own page (email address included) for the world to see and laugh at so feel free



Assorted warnings and disclaimers


all things Voyager, X-Files and Tomb Raider belong to their creators… no copyright infringement is intended and the author doesn’t make a cent from them (damn shame that)

any original characters storylines and locations are the author’s invention and as such belong to them

any similarities between them and real people/locations are purely coincidental

if you want to use them… ASK


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