fanfiction links          by no means an exhaustive list


Astrometrics                                     Susan's ST:V fic. A great talent, Susan's site is a must visit

Gun Brooke Fiction                        An exceptionally talented writer and a great friend!

Novel Expectations                      Have to check this site out! Home of the 'Just Between' and 'Millenium' series

Radclyffe                                         Another great writer. Scullyslash and original fiction

Nom de Plume's J/7 fanfiction   Both uber and regular J/7 here. This is great stuff.

var[title]                                             Home of Anik LaChev's 'Campus'. Enough said!

Delta Quadrant of Venus             I really love Tenderware's ST:V fic. Great artwork too.

Vaxen's Elemental Voyager        Great stories and J/7 music videos. Also a pretty much complete list of J/7 fanfic.

Voyager's Female Fanfic Foray   An B. Cay's site. Very much worth a read IMHO. Very good stories.

Glynis' Writing                                    A fellow Aussie (even if  she does reside in NZ these days) a great author.

The Omega Point                           The Tilde's J/7 fanfic site. A great read.

The J/7 Alcove                                A group of really talented authors. Check out this site!



other fanfiction links

The Pink Rabbit Consortium        Huge range of links, stories, artwork etc. from every fandom you can think of and a a                                                              few I've never heard of. This site was my introduction to the world of fanfiction.

Femfic                                               Great links site for many different fandoms.

Scullyslash                                        Great site. Has a huge archive of great scullyslash authors.



vid sites and boards

JanewaySeven                               Brilliant message board. Great bunch of people

Cafe in Buenos Aires                      My friend Xee's J7 music vid site. Check it out

Voyager Conspiracy                      J/7 vids by Sazzy, also some really good uber fic.

Raspy's Realm                                  Multitude of Voyager music videos

Mercy's Place                                  More music vids


OK there are lots more great vidders around and Id be here all day if I put all the links in here. You can find links to others on all these sites. Sorry to those Ive missed


other links

Bold Strokes Books                        The publisher that was kind enough to pick up a story of both myself and Rhee for inclusion in an Anthology

the bluehouse                                A great Aussie band. Great live shows, amazing voices. Gotta go see them if they are touring in your neck of the woods

Seventh Wave                                GB's excellent graphic design site

Ken Duncan Gallery Online       Ken Duncan is Australia's premier landscape panoramic photographer. Have a look look                                                    at his work. This man is a true genius. His images are the type I envisage when writing writing                                               the character Kamryn in Tropics.

Joanna Leigh                                  Great independent musician. Beautiful voice, great original songs.


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