Part II

Scully drifted slowly into consciousness. Soft light filtered through the bedroom curtains and she could hear rain drumming insistently against the roof. She smiled to herself as she heard the quiet breathing of her bedmate; her smile broadened as the events of the previous night came into sharp focus. Scully rolled over and snuggled into Lara's warm back.

"Mmm. Good morning, Dr. Scully," Lara said as she relaxed into Dana's embrace.

"Good morning, Lady Croft. I'm sorry if I woke you."

"No, I was just drifting. Do you know what time it is?"

"No, and I don't care," Dana said nuzzling the back of Lara's neck.

Lara turned in Dana's arms, claiming her lips in lingering kiss. Scully pulled her in tighter returning the kiss in earnest. Finally, breathless, they parted. Lara pulled back to look at Dana, gently outlining her face with her fingertips.

"You have such a beautiful face, Dana."

"Just my face, Huh?" Scully replied with a wry grin, unaccustomed to such compliments.

Lara seemed to consider this for a moment.

"No, the rest of you is okay as well," she said finally.

Scully laughed and rolled over, pinning Lara to the bed. Bracing herself on her arms, she looked down into her lover's face. A soft groan escaped from Lara's throat as Dana's knee came in intimate contact with her. Arousal flared again in both women and Scully could feel dampness begin to coat her thigh. She lowered her body slowly onto Lara.

"Dana? It's Jayce. I need to speak with Lara."

The sudden pounding on the door below caused Scully to swear in frustration

"How did she know you were here?" she asked in a level voice. "You do this kind of thing a lot?"

"What do you mean?" Lara asked with honest surprise.

Scully just looked at her then got up. Pulling on boxers and a sweatshirt, Dana padded down the stairs and opened the door.

"Morning Jayce."

"I'm really sorry to disturb you but Lara has an urgent phone call."

"How did you know she was here?"

"You mean apart from the fact it's 10 am and neither of you have been in for breakfast?" she said with a chuckle. "The really telling factor though was her bike. Her pride and joy was still parked in the open outside your door when I did my grounds check last night."

"You seem to have… enjoyed yourselves last night," she continued, looking pointedly past Scully into the living room. Dana followed her eyes and blushed scarlet. The room looked like a bomb had exploded in a clothing factory. Motorcycle leathers, t-shirts and underwear were strewn over the floor and various pieces of furniture. Scully's holstered gun was on the floor near the sofa and Lara's were draped over the back of a wooden chair.

Scully was saved from having to answer by the sound of bare feet on the wooden stairs.

"Morning Jayce. What's up?"

Dana turned towards Lara and her mouth fell open. Lara was moving through the living room retrieving items of her clothing, naked as the day she was born.

"I'm sorry to disturb you but Hilary is on the phone, he said it was urgent. He mentioned something about Sanderson?"

Scully, still stunned, dragged her eyes from Lara's now semi- clothed form to look at Jayce.

"What the… She's obviously seen all this before," Scully thought. "What the hell is going on here?!"

She stiffened as Lara reached out to embrace her. When Scully turned away as she tried to kiss her, a puzzled look swept through Lara's eyes. With gentle pressure on her clenched jaw, she turned Dana back to face her.

"Look Dana, I'm sorry but I have to take this call. It's business. Can I see you later?"

"I… I had plans for today. Sorry. Maybe later."

"Oh," her face falling a little at Scully's abrupt tone. "All right, maybe we could go to dinner tonight?"

"I'll let you know, okay?" Scully said, trying to keep the hurt and confusion from her voice. Turning her back on Lara, she walked into the bathroom firmly closing the door.

"What the hell was that all about?" Lara said turning to Jayce with a bewildered expression.

"You know Croft, for an exceptionally gifted and intelligent person, you can be truly thick when it comes to women," Jayce said, shaking her head as she turned to walk back across the courtyard.

"What are you on about, McCormack?" irritation lacing her words.

"Think about it, just for a moment," Jayce stated with heavy sarcasm. "Our Dr. Scully strike you as the kind of woman who casually picks people at random, then sleeps with them inside of 24hours? What does she know about you, on a personal level I mean?"

A lascivious grin spread over Lara's face.

"Not that damn personal!"

"Well we didn't play '20 questions' if that's what you're asking."

"Lord give me strength," she said quietly, rubbing her face before turning back to Lara. "Okay, lets try a different tack. Remember the look on Lee's face the first time you paraded through my house, casually pulling on clothes as you went?"

The light finally began to dawn. "Oh, hell."




"What the fuck is wrong with you, Scully?" she cursed, pounding her fist on the counter top in the bathroom. "What the hell were you running away from just now?"

Splashing water on her heated skin, Dana looked up at her reflection in the mirror. A few more lines on her face and it had lost the pre-chemo fullness. But then her whole body was much more angular these days. Not that she would recommend the 'diet' to anyone. In the process of rebuilding the body ravaged by the chemicals used to try to keep her alive, she had developed a fine-toned musculature she was determined to keep. Her eyes had lost their previously youthful spark.

At the moment, however, they radiated ice-cold fire.

"Okay Scully. You met her and you slept with her. It's not the first time you've done something like this," she stopped, briefly thinking of the dark eyed Detective in New York. "Granted it doesn't happen often, but why are you freaked about it?"

There was also the matter of her behavior that morning. What the hell was she thinking? A seasoned field agent handing over her weapon to someone she had known less than a day? She tried not to think about the fact she had almost fired the damn thing at someone. Maybe she waited too long to leave the Bureau. Maybe the x-files had driven her nuts after all.

Finding no answers from the reflection in the mirror, she exited the bathroom and went upstairs to get dressed. Maybe a ride would clear her mind. Bad weather be damned, she would have to concentrate more on the road than the ridiculous thoughts running through her head.



Lara's head snapped up at the sound of a motorcycle being gunned to life. Jesus, what was she thinking going out in this weather? Cutting short her phone call, she raced through the house and onto the drive as Scully's bike rounded the corner.

"What the devil are you doing, going out in this deluge?" she said as Scully stopped the bike in front of her.

"Excuse me, Lady Croft. I was unaware I required your permission to do anything, regardless of the weather conditions. After all, we have only known each other for 24 hours."

Lara drew breath for a sharp retort, and then stopped remembering Jayce's words. "Okay, you're right I'm sorry. I really need to talk to you, explain a few things about this morning," Scully began to object, but Lara continued. "No hear me out, please. I know we haven't known one another long but there are a few things I need to explain anyway."

"All right. I'm still going out, if you want to come along you have precisely five minutes to be back here on your bike." Scully pointedly turned her attention from Lara pulling a watch from the pocket of her rain gear. Lara stared at her for a moment before bolting off for her bike.

Scully had just turned onto the main road as Lara caught up with her. True to her word, she waited exactly five minutes before heading out. Riding as fast as the conditions and her skills would allow, Scully headed into town. Glancing in the side mirror she saw Lara's Ducati pull onto the road behind her, Scully's heart skipped when she saw the rear wheel of the bike slip on the wet tar before finding purchase and propelling it forward.

The road wound along the edge of the cliffs before turning inland to the centre of town. On the last sweeping bend, Scully geared down and glanced in the mirror for the Ducati before heading through. Her rear tyre lost its grip as she accelerated out of the corner; cursing her inattention, she caught the bike just in time to avoid becoming a permanent addition to the guardrail.

Lara's breath caught when she saw the Yamaha slip. She slowed to avoid the oily patch, accelerating further out of the bend. That was the only thing that saved her. The Ducati's rear tyre blew, sending the alloy rim skating across the road. Throwing the bike away from her, Lara hit the road hard sliding along the pavement and landing in a ditch.

Scully was well out of the corner, her mind firmly on the road when the Ducati went down. Finally, glancing in the mirror, she realised Lara wasn't behind her. With a feeling of cold dread in the pit of her stomach, Dana geared down and turned back in search of her. The cold turned to ice when she rounded the bend and saw the tangled mix of motorcycle and guardrail.

"Oh, Jesus. Lara," she called, as she leapt off the Yamaha.

Unlike the Ducati, Lara had been lucky enough to just miss the end of the guardrail. She was also lucky to have been wearing full leathers and a helmet. Both of which were almost scraped down to the lining in places. Knowing not to remove the helmet in case of spinal injury, Scully carefully felt for the unconscious woman's pulse. When she felt a fast but strong beat beneath her fingertips, she let go of the breath she hadn't realised she had been holding. Reaching for her cell phone, she dialed 911.



"She's an extremely lucky woman. If she hadn't been wearing the correct clothing…" the doctor trailed off with a shrug of his shoulders.

Scully had called Jayce and Lee when she arrived at the hospital. Now all three women breathed a collective sigh of relief at the doctor's words. Considering the state of her bike, Lara's condition bordered on the miraculous. Apart from cuts, bruises and some pulled muscles, she was fine.

"We will be keeping her in for a day or so for observation, after that she can go home," he said with a smile. "Dr. Scully, Lady Croft has been asking for you. If you'd like to follow me?"

Scully was an experienced doctor and field agent, she had witnessed trauma in most of its forms. However, those experiences had not prepared her for the feelings that raced through her when she entered Lara's room. While Lara's injuries were relatively minor, Dana's heart still clenched at the thought of what could have happened. A tiny voice in the back of her mind tried to make itself heard. She shoved it aside; not wanting to analyse why she was this scared for someone she hardly knew. Get a grip Scully!

"There are easier ways to get my attention you know," Dana said quietly as she sat down next to Lara's hospital bed.

"You could have fooled me, Dana. You were riding like the devil himself was chasing you," Lara replied with a wan smile.

"Don't you mean 'herself'," Dana said, raising one elegant brow.

"Touché, Doctor."

"Dana, I really think we need to talk about what happened this morning..."

"You don't have to justify yourself to me, Lara. We are both grown women, we spent an incredibly satisfying night together. It doesn’t have to be more than that." The small voice in Scully's head made itself known with a resounding Noooo.

"That's perfectly fine with me, Dana. The truth be told it's how I've lived my life up until now. There's only one problem with that scenario."

Dana's only answer was a puzzled look.

"I want it to be more than that."

The little voice in the back of Dana's mind began singing with joy; Dana herself just gave Lara a small smile before looking down at her hands.

"Excuse me, Doctor Scully. I'm sorry but Lady Croft needs her rest," the duty nurse said as she came in to check Lara. Scully stood up to leave but was stopped by Lara's hand on her shoulder.

"I need to ask you to look in to something for me, Dana, about the accident," she stopped and turned to the nurse. "Can you excuse us for a moment? I need to speak to Doctor Scully privately." Lara watched the nurse leave then turned back to Scully with a serious expression.

"I know from this morning with the Sheriff that you're an FBI agent. I need you to make sure the Sheriff checks out my bike; I think it was tampered with."

"Aren’t you being just a little paranoid, Lara? Who would do that?"

"Just trust me. I know you don't know me well but can you just do this for me?"

"I'll look into it, but you have to know I'm not really with the Bureau anymore."

"That's all I ask. Thanks Dana."




Lara lay staring out the window of her room after Scully left, her mind working overtime on various problems at once. Most pointedly, her feelings for a certain flame haired Doctor.

"You are losing your perspective, Croft," she said to herself.

If she was brutally honest with herself, she admitted the reason behind her inability to commit to one person. She just was not prepared to allow herself to be hurt again, to give another soul that much power over her own. Most of the time though she just told herself that life was entirely too much fun to tie oneself down.

"So why this one, Croft? Why now?" She knew she felt the beginnings of emotions she hadn't felt… hadn't allowed herself to feel in a very long time.

And it scared her to death.






"As a matter of fact, Doctor Scully, one of my deputies did find something when we finally managed to extract the bike from the guard rail," the sheriff said. "He happens to be a bike nut, and noticed the drive chain was broken. When he investigated more closely it appears one of the links had been partially severed. When Lara accelerated out of the corner, the link broke and the chain tore a hole in the sidewall of the tyre. I've sent the remnants of the bike to our techs for analysis; see if anything else was tampered with. What I can't understand is how anyone could have access to the damn thing? Lara has several vehicles at Shepherds Hill; Jayce has an alarmed garage out back that she uses. So how did anyone get to the Ducati?"

"She, ah, forgot to put it away," Scully said, her face flushing.

"Lara doesn't forget anything about that bike unless she's distracted by…" she trailed off as she realised what Scully meant. A very good imitation of Scully's own FBI mask slammed down on the Sheriffs face. "Well Doctor Scully if there is nothing further I have work to do. Tell Lady Croft I will be in touch if the techs come up with anything further." Then she turned abruptly and stalked away.

Scully watched her go and added yet another topic to the list of things she wanted Lara to clarify when they had that conversation. She refused point blank to walk into the middle of someone else's personal drama.



"Well the Doc says she can leave the hospital today if someone can stay with her. I told him we would, that’s unless you wanted to, Dana." Lee said the following afternoon. "I understand from his tone that the patient isn't exactly behaving herself. If there's one thing I know about Lara, it’s the fact that she hates being confined for any reason."

"What time is she being released?"

"As soon as someone can go take charge of her. The sooner the better, by the sound of things," Lee chuckled.

"I would go but I can’t bring her home on the bike," Dana said.

"Oh, she thought of that as well. Lara told me to let you to take one of her cars."

"I'm being set up here, I can feel it," Dana thought to herself. Before she could voice any of her concerns however, Lee was on her way out of the house and Dana had no choice but to follow.

Scully's gasp of surprise on entering the garage bought a smile to Lee's face. There were only four vehicles inside, one was Jayce and Lee's black Jeep, and the other three apparently belonged to Lara. As much as Scully had believed Lara really had a title and an estate in England, she just had never thought about it any further; this kind of hardware required serious money. The first vehicle to catch her eye was the black and chrome custom Harley Davidson Fatboy and while it was impressive the two cars made her mouth water. One was a silver Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and the other an electric blue Lotus Elise.

"So, which one do you want to take?" Lee asked, sounding the slightest bit amused.

"God no! I am not driving either of those! What if I break it?" The words came out of her mouth in a rush before she stopped, realising how she sounded. Lee's full laughter rang through the brick building.

"Go on Dana, I know you want to. A small word of advice though, you know before you decide. The Lotus is a lot of fun to drive!" Lee's face sobered after a moment and she looked intently at Scully. "Jayce told me what happened between you and Lara. She also told me about the conversation she had with Lara as they walked over to the house. This is completely none of my business, but I think there are a few things you should be aware of." That statement got Scully's attention.

"Go on," was all she said.

"Well, Lara isn't like anyone else I know, in fact I once heard someone describe her as 'Studly and Buff'," Lee paused as if recalling the occasion, and then with a laugh she continued. "The first time I met her came very close to being the last time I saw Jayce actually. We had been seeing one another for a month or so and she had asked me to come over one particular weekend to meet an old friend who was coming to stay. Now, I had heard about Lara; she and Jayce are very close, as you have probably noticed. So here I am standing in my girlfriend’s living room when in strolls this gorgeous woman, mostly naked and pulling on clothes as she went. My first thought was 'What the hell is going on here?'. I had never heard Jayce talk so fast before, or since for that matter! I've since discovered that's just Lara; she has none of the body hang-ups us mere mortals have."

"Well I guess that would explain the naked stroll," Scully paused, wondering how much she could say to this woman. "I've had the occasional one night stand, though it's not something I make a habit of. When I woke up yesterday morning it just…felt…different. Then suddenly the real world came crashing back down around me." Scully clamped down hard on her emotions and turned away from Lee. After a moment, she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"What I've been trying to say Dana, is that this time I think it's different. I've watched Lara hunt, and believe me that’s the best way to describe it. But the look I saw in her eyes this time was different."

"How could you possibly know that, Lee? I've only known her two days, for Gods sake. Half of that time she's been in the hospital."

"I just know Lara. Please Dana, I realise you don’t know me well, but can you just trust me about this?"

"Why the hell does everyone keep saying that to me?" Scully said irritably.




Scully seriously doubted there was much of a gearbox left by the time she parked the Lotus in the hospital lot. It had been years since she had driven anything other than an automatic let alone something this racy. She climbed out of the low slung sports car and made her way in to take charge of the recalcitrant patient.

"I told you I'm walking out of here. I will not be wheeled around like some invalid." Scully could hear Lara's clipped angry tones long before she entered the woman's room.

"Are you giving these poor people a hard time?" Scully said as she leant against the doorframe.

"Finally! Where the hell have you been? I've been trying to get out of here for an hour," Lara said, in a tone that made Scully feel like a lazy servant. Not dignifying it with an answer she simply turned on her heel and started walking back towards the hospital entrance.

"Hey, wait a minute. Where are you going? I thought you had come to get me out of this damn place?" she said, hurrying down the corridor to catch Dana.

"You're doing it again. You don't own me, Lara. I will not be ordered about by you or anyone else."

"Hey, Dana, I'm sorry," she said with a sheepish expression. "I guess I'm used to people following my orders."

"Well get over it. You want this to go any further between us; we will be on equal footing. I had years of following around behind someone, and I will not continue that tradition now that I finally have the freedom to choose. Are we clear?" Scully said, her voice like ice.

"Dana, I'm sorry. I truly am. Forgive me?" she said as she closed the distance between them. Lara stopped a breath away from Dana and gently framed her face with her hands. Blue eyes, hot with anger met and locked with green ones full of a very different kind of heat. "Do you think we can…discuss my lapse of manners?"

Dana struggled to keep a hold of her anger; after all, she did have a valid reason for it. However, her body was fast betraying her, wanting nothing more than to give in to the heat radiating from Lara's form. Breathless, she dropped her gaze and pulled away to a safe distance. "Yeah, Antarctica would be a good choice," she thought sarcastically. "In spite of how it looks, I am still angry with you. I will, however, give you a chance to make it up to me. I think dinner at an extremely expensive restaurant would be a good start. After that, and a heartfelt apology, I will consider it."

"All right Doctor Scully," Lara said with a lecherous grin. "Let’s get this paperwork done so they can release me to your capable hands."




Shepherd's Hill was a home away from home of sorts for Lara, and as such her rooms were set up virtually independent from the rest of the main house. She had an office with her own telephone lines, bathing facilities and separate access when she cared to use it. Today was one of the days she cared. All she wanted was a moment to remain wrapped in the feelings the delectable Doctor Scully elicited in her. Today was also one of those days when that wasn't going to happen, due to the fact that her telephone had begun to ring as she unlocked the door.

"Yes," she said irritably.

"Well, I was going to ask if you wanted the good news or the bad news, but it would seem from your tone, that any news will be construed as bad."

"Yes, Hilary," Lara said in a tired tone. "What is it that is so important that you have to interrupt me when I'm having a moment?"

"Ah… I'm not entirely certain I understand the whole question, my Lady."

"It doesn’t matter. So what's the problem?" Lara became concerned as Hilary told her the reason for his call.

"Oh hell. That's not good. Keep digging and call me tomorrow afternoon if you find anything further. Thanks Hilary."

She hung up and proceeded with her preparations for her evening with Scully, her mind occupied with the news she had been given and the possible connections to the information she already had. The little nagging feeling she'd had on the way here resurfaced with a vengeance. She needed more information, so it could wait until tomorrow. Tonight belonged to Dana and with this thought the smile returned to her face.






Not having planned for this kind of occasion, Dana now had a problem. What the hell was she going to wear? Due to the limited luggage capacity on the Yamaha, she had decided to pack casual, now she was regretting her insistence on an expensive meal. She finally decided to just go with a classic look; Levi's, a white T-shirt, black suit jacket and her motorcycle boots. Scully had just finished applying a deep red lipstick when Lara knocked on her door. Scully struggled to keep her jaw from dropping when she opened the door. "Could this woman possibly get any more gorgeous?" she thought. Lara was wearing beautifully tailored black pants a white silk shirt and a black leather coat. She looked divine.

"Well, my lady. If you are ready, your chariot awaits," she said, with a slight bow motioning Dana towards the Aston Martin parked outside.

Scully was speechless for a moment, desperately trying to fight down the base instincts this woman aroused in her. God, Scully. Answer her!

"Lara, are you sure you should be driving so soon after your accident?" Yeah. Real smooth, Scully!

"Now Doctor Scully, I'll be under constant medical supervision. What could possibly go wrong?"

"You realise I'm a pathologist, don't you? I usually only deal with dead people."

"Dana," Lara growled, stepping into Scully's personal space. "I do believe you remember how very alive I am."

Scully fought down a wave of heat and stepped back, only to end up hard against a wall. Lara followed, leaning her right hand against the wall above Dana's shoulder. She trailed the fingertips of her left along Scully's jawline, down her throat, stopping between her breasts, which were clearly outlined by the tight white t-shirt. Placing her hand flat against Dana's chest she leaned in, stopping a breath before their lips met. "Do you Dana? Do you remember?" she husked.


Lara fought for control, she had been determined to take her time tonight, but then Scully had opened the door. All she could focus on were the woman's full red lips and the scent of her perfume. Their lips met, gently tasting and teasing. The pressure of her arousal began to overwhelm Lara, and she started to pull away until nimble fingers wound into the hair at the nape of her neck preventing further movement. "Dana?" she breathed against her lips. "I thought we were going to dinner."

"Yeah," Scully replied, before continuing her assault on the younger woman’s lips.

The languid kisses continued as the heat built between them. Lara’s mind switched off; the only thing she was able to process was the sensation of Dana’s body against hers the hand entwined in her hair and the soft fingers caressing the side of her face. Unable to stop herself Lara pressed tighter into Dana’s body and groaned as she felt her respond. A thought tugged at the edges of her awareness and she unwillingly broke the kiss.

"Dana? What about the reservations?" she said quietly in the other woman’s ear as she inhaled the heady scent of her perfume. Before Scully could answer, she began kissing the soft skin below her ear.

"Please Lara, upstairs. Take me upstairs," Dana groaned.

Lara pulled back and locked eyes with Scully. Her breath caught at the look in those glorious green eyes. They fairly glowed with the power of Lara’s arousal.

"I did that," Scully thought. "That’s all mine!"

Taking Scully’s hand, Lara led her up to the bedroom, finding her way in spite of the fact that their eyes never once lost contact. Stopping just inside the room Lara lit the polished brass storm lantern left there against the power failures common during winter storms. Once lit, it threw a soft golden light over the room giving just enough illumination for the women to see each other. Lara walked to Dana, framing her face with her hands. Kissing her almost reverently, she began to undress her as slowly as possible. Each inch of skin exposed was ministered to with lips and tongue until Dana stood naked and glistening in the soft lantern light. When Lara stepped back to look into Dana's heavy lidded eyes, she saw raw arousal tempered with emotion shining from the dark blue gaze.

"Gods. I need you Dana."

"Then join me," came the husky reply as Dana climbed onto the canopied bed.

Lara began to tear at her clothing but was interrupted by Dana's soft husky voice.

"Slowly. I want to see you."

Lara almost felt dizzy, as all the blood in her body seemed to migrate south and collect in her groin. She began a slow strip, determined to give the good Doctor a hell of a show.

Dana's mouth went dry as the magnificent body before her was slowly exposed. Lara's olive skin glowed in the lantern light, tight muscles rippled and flexed beneath the surface. Her shoulders were broad and strong tapering down to a narrow waist and rock hard abs and thighs. In spite of the hard, lithe physique Lara's body was uniquely female, with firm breasts and rounded hips.

Scully's sudden intake of breath told Lara the woman had seen the large bruise on her shoulder as she turned into the light. She was thankful the cut on her face from the split visor was under her hairline. Wouldn't do for the Doctor in her to call it off at this point, she thought with a silent chuckle.

"Lara, are you sure… I mean so soon after the accident?" Dana said in a low voice, as if reading her mind. Her only reply was a hungry look as she continued to disrobe.

When the last piece of clothing whispered to the floor, Lara walked over and slowly climbed on to the bed. Dana was leaning back against the pile of pillows, hungry eyes watching Lara's progress as she knelt astride her legs, one hand on either side of her body. She made a slow survey of Dana's body beneath her, a lascivious grin on her face.

"My dear Dana. You look…famished."

Dana growled in reply and reached up claiming Lara's mouth in a slow burning kiss. Neither wanted to rush this moment, but the lure was too great. Lara slowly lowered her body, covering Dana, inch by glorious inch. Dana moaned at the full body contact, feeling Lara's back muscles ripple under her hands as she pulled her in tight. The kiss became ravenous until Lara broke away and began to lay kisses along Dana's jawline finishing at the soft skin just below her ear.

"Oh God," came the slightly strangled groan as Lara continued down the line of Scully's throat.

Lara shifted until her hips were settled between Dana's thighs then lifted her upper body, bracing herself on her hands. Dana arched back as Lara encountered the heat between her legs, driving against her centre. Lowering her head back down she claimed a hard nipple with lips and teeth, teasing and nipping. Dana hooked her legs around Lara's hips increasing the pressure of each exquisite thrust against her throbbing clit.

"Jesus, God. I’m going to… If you don’t stop… I'm going to come. Aahh," Dana said against the sensation this woman was driving through her.

"Just let it happen, Dana," Lara said against her throat. "Come for me."

An exquisite heat began to radiate through Dana's body as Lara slipped two fingers into her wetness. In the past, when she had made love in this position with men she had felt trapped, unfulfilled. That was not the case with this woman. She didn’t even attempt to analyse the feeling; it was carnal and hot. Lara curled her fingers inside and Dana arched into the added pleasure, her breathing coming fast as her orgasm began to overtake her. Strong nails suddenly flexed into the sweat slick skin of Lara's back as Dana cried out in her release.

As the waves subsided, Lara shifted her weight off one set of tortured muscles, trying to find a comfortable position without losing contact with Dana's body. Dana tried to speak but an odd squeaking sound emerged. She cleared her throat and continued on, ignoring Lara's chuckle.

"Well. So much for control. You have only just been released from hospital after all. God my mouth's dry." Lara's chuckled turned to laughter. "And you are laughing because…?"

"If this is any indication," she slowly removed her fingers from Scully's body. "I'm not at all surprised that your mouth is dry."

Scully grabbed hold of Lara's wrist, bringing the glistening fingers to her mouth. Arousal slammed into Lara as Dana sucked her own essence from her fingers. Pushing Lara back she climbed over her prone body and immediately latched onto an aching nipple roughly sucking and nipping it before moving to the other. Back and forth, she continued until Lara was almost sobbing in her arousal. Only then did Dana start her decent, stopping here and there to deliver a nip or to suck on soft skin. The smell of Lara's arousal was intoxicating, Scully's mouth watered at the prospect of tasting her. Lara let out a cry of disappointment when Dana bypassed the area most needing her attention, settling instead between Lara's thighs and delivering small bites and kisses to the soft skin there.

Just as Lara thought she would go mad with waiting, Dana buried her tongue deep inside. She cried out as Scully began a hot wet exploration of her, licking and nibbling on intimate flesh, never giving direct contact to her aching clit

"Please, Dana. I need…you to. Oh God…Let me come," she pleaded.

"Tell me when," Dana growled. "Tell me when you're going to come."

Lara's body jolted as Dana bent down, taking hold of her clit.

"God that's it. I'm going… to come. Oh God, Dana."

Dana thrust her fingers inside Lara as the woman's body began to spasm. Replacing her lips with her thumb Scully moved up to cover Lara with her body, rocking in time with her thrusting fingers and Lara's surging body. As her orgasm took firm hold Lara's body arched bow tight and her mouth opened in a wordless cry.

Scully rode wave after wave of Lara's orgasm, holding her body tight, until it gradually calmed.

"Well," Lara said quietly, having recovered enough to do so. "That was one of my more memorable dinner dates. You know Dana, I didn't plan this."

"Well it was an interesting way to avoid a serious conversation," Scully said pointedly.

"I honestly did not think I'd be up for much at all this soon after the accident. Though it wasn't the worst spill I've had by far and I do tend to recover pretty fast," Lara trailed off and yawned. "Can we talk in the morning Dana? Between the accident and your…natural talents, I'm really tired." Her voice trailed off yet again and her breathing deepened almost immediately.

Scully looked down thoughtfully at the relaxed form of the woman in her bed. Don’t worry Lady Croft, she thought Injuries or not, we will have that conversation.


Continued in Part III



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