Posted 15 May 2006

This story was based on an email sent and answered hence the odd POV. Thanks to Gun for the heavy duty beta job. Never seen so much red ink in my life *grin*

Be aware there is absolutely no plot what so ever in this. There is, however, a strap-on warning in effect. If you still read it and cant deal with it feel free to email me cos I really want to add a flame page to my site *grin*








Finishing a Thought


by Snowolf





I have always wanted to go out in drag; formal tux, white silk scarf, cane, the works. The one thing I have never really thought about until now was going out like that, hair all slicked back...and packing.


The occasion chosen is a Gay and Lesbian charity ball. I knew you wouldnít be comfortable in any other setting. I make a display of picking you up, corsage and all, handing you into our XJS. Youíve dressed with great care; low cut silk blouse, miniscule lace underwear, sheer silk, seamed stockings and heels. God youíre so sexy; I can feel the base of the cock pressing against my clit making me wet.


We go to dinner and we dance together, the heat and pressure of your body exquisite against me. Weíre sitting together at a table full of other couples and your hand is high up on the inside of my thigh, driving me crazy.


You turn and give me the look, then casually excuse yourself to use the bathroom. I wait a little then follow you, and find you watching for me in the mirror as you touch up your subtle makeup. I walk up behind you, our eyes never breaking contact in the mirror. I move close enough for you to feel the heat of my body and you casually raise your hand. You are holding the scrap of lace underwear you put on before you left the house and my mouth is instantly dry; my pussy instantly soaked. The pressure on my clit from the warm silicone becomes unbearable. Reaching for the soaked lace I bring it to my face. I can smell your arousal. Leaning in against your body, my hands on your waist, kissing your neck, I rock my hips against your arse. Damn, I'm going to come if I keep doing this. I open my mouth to tell you, but you stop me by turning and placing a finger over my lips.


You pull me into the bathroom stall and grab my face. Kissing me hot and hard, your hands are urgent on my shirt buttons while trying not to tear them. Suddenly your hands are inside, squeezing my nipples hard, all the while swallowing my moans with your hot mouth.


God, I want you, want to be inside of you and feel you tremble and spasm when you come. Iím almost beside myself with desire when I feel your fingers on my fly as you slowly lower it and reach inside. The silicone isnít one of those anatomically correct things, but one that hits the right spots and feels so good inside you. The added bonus is the smaller cock on the inside of the harness all for me. You pull it out and run your hand along the length making sure it rubs back and forth over my clit.


Just when I think my control is done, you let go of me and I stumble back sitting abruptly on the closed lid of the toilet. Iím about to protest the treatment when I look up at you and your skirt is up around your waist. You sit astride my knees, hands on my face, kissing the protest away. I want you so badly and grab hold of your arse, pulling you hard against me. God, the pressure feels so good. You pull away from my mouth, your head arching back when your heat comes in contact with the silicone, riding up between your labia and rubbing against your clit. I want to be inside you, but this is your show and the pressure against my clit is building. Iím not going to last much longer. Your hips are moving and your head comes back down, eyes locking with mine. Then you tell me quietly, "Iím going to come, baby" and shift slightly, impaling yourself on the silicone. Oh, my God, youíre amazing when you come. Face to face with me, your orgasm instantly triggers my own.






The sensation of you deep inside me is incredible. Iím on fire. God, I donít want you to stop. Aroused and out of control, you surge to your feet with me in your arms. My legs lock around your waist and lodge your cock deep inside me as you press me against the wall of the bathroom stall. I hold on tightly to your neck, panting in your ear as you thrust into me. Our lips meet and swallow groans of passion as I feel your body tense in my arms. "Yes," I whisper, "I want you to come inside me." You're coming again, so hard. When you finally grow still, my legs slide to the floor and you pull slowly out of me. My come glistens on the silicone shaft in the fluorescent glare.


"Five minutes," I whisper. "We're leaving in five minutes." You nod in understanding as you hand my panties back. We have to go back outside for five minutes just for appearances sake and then we'll take this home and continue in private.


Five quick minutes later we are out the door. Youíre driving because I have plans. Before you can put your seat belt on, or get the car started properly, I have your fly open. You shudder and close your eyes when I fish in your pants and pull out your cock. I tell you to drive, but don't crash, because we are far from finished. Your face is a study in intense concentration as I slowly but firmly jerk you off, the base of the silicone rubbing against your clit. The toy is drenched with your juices as I rock the double headed dildo inside you. "No, you can't come yet. Save it for me."


Fortunately, we are only a few minutes from home. You leave the cock out of your trousers, not worried about anyone seeing us in our remote home. While you lock the doors, I race upstairs to our bedroom, and you follow a few moments later. I'm ready for you, it didn't take long; shoes, hose, garters and underwear are gone and tossed into a corner. I'm facing the bed with my back to you, my hands braced, shivering with arousal, waiting for what youíre going to do. My skirt covers me, awaiting your pleasure.


Then you're behind me, I feel the hardness of the cock against my ass as you press against me and groan. One hand goes to my waist; the other lifts my skirt to find me wet and ready. You waste no time as you slide inside me. Your hands hold my hips as you begin to move. First one long, slow push before you begin to thrust. You are so deep your pussy strikes my ass on every move. Now you're moving faster, feeling the other end of the dildo lodged inside you, fucking us both. I shudder knowing that I'm not going to last long. Then youíre there, calling my name. We come as one. Finally spent, you rest over my back for a moment before pulling out.


Far from finished I turn and remove the harness of the strap on. It's my turn and I want you on the bed. I put on the harness and slide the smaller end of the dildo into me; it's still wet with your juices. Now I have you on the bed, your legs are spread for me, our eyes meeting in silent need before I lie on top of you and thrust the cock still coated with my come into you. Our breasts meet; our arms tighten around each other as I start to thrust into you. It's so incredible how the cock rubs against my clit while I push into you. I know exactly what you're feeling having just experienced it myself. I know how good you're feeling my love, but I want to make you feel more.


"Harder," you demand and I comply, fucking you so hard that I see stars. We're both so close. Your cries resound in my ears, and mirror my own. We're both going to come, but this time I get to come inside you. Can you feel it baby? Can you feel me as I start to come? You cry out and I answer with my own shout.


Finally sated, the strap-on is removed and dropped negligently to the floor. I've completely worn you out, my poor love, and have to cover both of us with the sheets. Now we can snuggle and fall asleep, wrapped around each other.




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