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by Snowolf




The conversation had started with…


“For god’s sake, Sarah. Will you stop bitching about everything and just go? Do us all a favour; go get yourself laid while you’re away. Please.”


Now she was holding up the bar at a pub she had not been to in years, and she did not recognise a soul. Five years ago she had gone back home to take over the running of the family property, when she lost both her parents and younger sister in a car accident. It seemed since that crushing, life changing, event, everything moved on without her.


None of her old friends were on the scene anymore, everyone having paired up and settled down. Hardly anyone Sarah could see in her immediate vicinity even looked old enough to drink let alone be out and proud. One of the bleached blondes bopping around behind the bar scooted over to her as she finished her beer and signalled for another. The girl had ‘Bar Bitch’ emblazoned across her breasts and an almost blinding amount of bright steel facial jewellery.


The last five years had been an immense learning experience. Her mother and father had surrounded themselves with good people so the transition from her city job back to the property was relatively smooth. She worked solidly for the entire five years until it all started to pile up on her. Sarah’s friends booked her a week in a beachfront hotel, packed her father’s beautifully kept Jaguar XJS, and told her to “GO!”


They were right; she did need to get laid…badly. The insane weekend she had spent in bed with a Swedish tourist she met in the pub back home seemed now exactly what it was… a very long two years ago.


Sarah called in at the bar a few times over the last week and had even been chatted up twice, but no one caught her fancy; the spark just was not there, mostly due to the fact it was baby dykes doing the chatting. However it did stroke her thirty-six-year-old ego nicely. She resigned herself to the fact that now, on her last night before she pulled up stakes and left for home, she was not going to be able to fulfil her promise to her friends.


That was until she looked up from her glass and straight into a pair of green eyes above a lazy smile across the other side of the bar. The light sheen of sweat on the woman’s rich tanned skin suggested she had just come in from the dance floor. The grin broadened slightly when their eyes met and held. The woman picked up her drink and walked around to Sarah’s side of the bar. Sarah sat transfixed as she watched her push through the crowd; stomach twisting sharply when the whole of the woman’s body came into view. Her tight white tank top stopped half way down tight abs and she had poured herself into a pair of black leather pants that rode low on her hips. Sarah felt her body heat as her heart rate picked up. A grin matching the one of the woman walking towards her, made its way across her face.


Turning the bar stool around, the dark haired woman eased her way in to stand between Sarah’s knees. The blonde swallowed convulsively as fire shot through her veins and wetness pooled suddenly between her legs.


“I’m Dillon,” the woman said as she learned in. “Come and dance with me.”


For a second, as the woman’s rich southern American accent rolled over her like a wave Sarah thought she was going to come on the spot. As Dillon moved to ease her off the seat, she resisted and received a raised an eyebrow in question. Sarah had sudden burning need to feel soft hot skin, other than her own. She slid both hands around Dillon’s waist, pulling her in tighter between her legs.


“I’m Sarah,” she said before slipping off the stool and down the front of Dillon’s body. Her move was rewarded by a tight groan from deep in Dillon’s throat as she allowed Sarah to pull her through the crowd toward the nightclub.




Dillon could not believe the way her insides jumped the moment her eyes landed on the blonde sitting alone on the other side of the horse shoe shaped bar. She had been single for the last six months after finally extricating herself from a particularly nasty five year relationship. She had breathed a large sigh of relief when her ex had finally given up her residency and moved back to the States. Since then she had the odd fling here and there just to scratch the itch, or out of sheer boredom, but nobody had grabbed her attention like this. When their eyes locked, the twist of desire was so strong, she had almost groaned out loud. The heat spread through her body and focused between her legs as she shifted upright, and then all of a sudden, there she was, standing between the blonde’s knees and introducing herself. Her mind switched off as she felt warm hands, one still moist from the beer glass, slide over her skin. She barely registered the woman’s name before she was pulled through the crowd.


The women had to walk through the large, once open, central courtyard of the old building to the nightclub in the back. So intent on reaching the relative anonymity of the dance floor Sarah seemed startled when Dillon suddenly pulled back on her hand tugging her into a shadowed alcove next to a lush potted tree. Sarah’s back connected with the rough brick of the wall and a deep groan escaped her throat as Dillon’s tongue invaded her mouth.


In a very small corner of her mind Dillon was slightly shocked at her own behaviour, then Sarah lifted a booted foot up onto the edge of the planter they were standing next to, and grabbed hold of Dillon’s hips, pulling her in tight between her legs. Arousal flooded her body and drowned out all coherent thought as she tore her mouth away and looked into hot blue eyes. Keeping the eye contact, Dillon eased her upper body away from Sarah’s, and with slow deliberate movements began to unbutton her shirt.


Dilated pupils and flushed skin betrayed how much Sarah anticipated the touch of Dillon’s hands against her naked skin. She gasped when instead of sliding inside her shirt they slid down over her hips, lifting her slightly so Dillon could grind against her centre. Sarah emitted a soft cry, and her head fell back against the brick as Dillon kissed down her now-exposed throat to the hollow between her breasts.


“Oh God… ah… I thought we…” The rest of Sarah’s sentence was cut short as strong fingers shifted around her body and pressed into her aching sex through her jeans. At the same moment, Dillon bit down gently on a rock-hard nipple through fabric of her bra, ripping another cry from her throat.


“Have you ever made love in public?” Dillon asked against Sarah’s ear, before claiming her lips again in a searing kiss. Nipping and biting, they searched for the perfect fit for their lips, their breathing harsh and ragged.


Dillon suddenly let go of her grip on Sarah’s centre and roughly ripped open the button fly of her jeans, plunging her fingers beneath the soaked denim. Working her way lower, she moaned out loud as her fingers invaded hot wet flesh.




Sarah had until that point still been aware of their location, mindful of drawing the attention of security or providing a show for the other punters. The moment Dillon slipped two fingers up inside her Sarah was lost; at that point she would not have cared if the woman had stripped off her clothes and gone down on her in the middle of the Rugby World Cup grand final pitch. The pleasure was intense as Dillon started up a slow thrusting rhythm, the palm of her hand flat against Sarah’s swollen clit; she tore her mouth away and focused on hot green eyes.


“More,” Sarah demanded and Dillon growled, thrusting a third finger deep into her. As her slick inner walls began to contract around the questing fingers, Sarah’s head dropped to Dillon’s shoulder, nails scratching into strong back muscles. Dillon picked up the pace, thrusting her body against Sarah in time with her fingers. Then Sarah was there, her body convulsing, squeezing down hard on Dillon’s fingers as she gave off a sharp cry of release.





Dillon could not focus, could not grasp any form of coherent thought. All she could feel were Sarah’s slick walls pulsing around her fingers and her own clit, so hard, it was rubbing against her leathers. All she had to do was provide a tiny bit of friction. Sarah stirred as Dillon gently pulled out of her body and ran her hands down the Dillon’s back to grasp her hips and move a muscled thigh firmly against her aching sex. Dillon came hard; her head fell back as Sarah pulled her in tighter, teeth gracing the flesh of her exposed throat.




Sarah suddenly became aware of an odd sound, opened her eyes and looked across Dillon’s shoulder. She was horrified to discover they had drawn an audience, who began to applaud as Dillon started to come. She was even further mortified when she realised the cheering of the five women had drawn the attention of a rather large female bouncer, currently waiting with arms folded and a slight smirk on her face. Sarah swore loudly as she tried to push the dark haired woman away far enough to refasten her clothing. Finally realising what was going on, Dillon stepped back slightly, giving Sarah room to move while still shielding her body.


“Hey, Dillon, you caught yourself a live one this time, babe.” Dillon groaned and dropped her head when she recognised the laughing voice behind her. She lifted her eyes and focused back on Sarah.


“We are about ten seconds from being thrown out,” Dillon said softly.


“I figured that,” Sarah chuckled ruefully, trying to tamp down her embarrassment.


“It’s still early…” Dillon left the statement hanging, hoping Sarah would not be finished with her now she had come.




Sarah searched the green eyes in front of her and felt a kick run through her system again. Damn I haven’t felt like this in years, she thought. The decision made, she pulled Dillon into her body.


“Come with me,” she breathed against her ear.




The taxi ride and climb to Sarah’s hotel room was accomplished with complete silence between them. Sarah unlocked the door and motioned for Dillon to precede her into the room, giving herself plenty of time to admire the view of the woman’s firm arse and muscled physique.


“Do you want a drink?” she asked, her voice sounding thick.


Dillon turned from where she was looking out over the ocean, giving Sarah a feral smile. “No.”


Sarah turned off the lights when Dillon motioned for her to join her at the window. Natural light from outside flooded into the room through the open curtains as Dillon stopped the blonde an arms length from where she was standing. “Take off your clothes.”


It was a both a command and a request, and Sarah’s heart rate picked up as she focused on Dillon’s eyes while unbuttoning her white cotton shirt. Her skin flushed as she watched hot green eyes follow the movement of her hands. When Sarah removed her bra to expose firm coral tipped breasts, Dillon’s hands twitched as if to reach out and capture their weight but reigning in the impulse at the last minute. Sarah closed her eyes in anticipation as Dillon moved towards her only to feel body heat but not contact as she moved in behind her.


“Walk over to the window,” Dillon breathed into her ear, sending a shiver of arousal sweeping down her spine. “I want to see you in the moonlight when you take off the rest.”


Sarah shakily complied, standing next to the window and lifting her foot up on to the desk chair to remove her heavy lace up boots. So caught up in what she was feeling, she did not realise the knee weakening view she had just presented Dillon. Her body was screaming to feel those strong, tanned hands against her hot skin as she pulled open the buttons of her fly and slowly pushed the denim over her hips.




Dillon was certain she would have collapsed on the floor as Sarah bent slowly from the waist to push her jeans down over her legs if not for the chair she had dragged under herself at the last minute. The blonde, as she knew from their earlier encounter, was not wearing anything under the jeans and when she bent over Dillon was presented with a seductive view of her wet, swollen sex.


“Oh God,” she breathed in almost silent benediction.




By the time Sarah straightened and let down her loose ponytail she was almost dizzy with arousal. Crying out in pleasure as she felt strong arms encircle her waist and pull her in against her body, Sarah dropped her head back against Dillon’s shoulder her breathing ragged. One strong hand left its position at her waist, brushing up over her skin to pinch and chafe at a hard nipple, while the other dropped down to slip between wet folds. Sarah blindly reached for some kind of support as her body convulsed in pleasure and Dillon gently walked her forward two steps until Sarah’s searching hands met the cool glass of the floor to ceiling window. Dillon started a slow circling of the blonde’s swollen clit, careful not to put too much pressure on yet. Sarah, however, had other ideas.


“Please…ah… I need you… inside me…” Anything else she might have said was choked off as Dillon bent her forward and slid two fingers inside her. Sarah reached down and stilled Dillon’s hand and heard a choked groan of frustration.


“Wait,” Sarah panted through clenched teeth. “I need… something… more.” Gently but forcefully she pulled Dillon’s fingers from inside herself. She could feel the body behind her tense at her words.


“No…Please, not like that,” she stopped suddenly, her entire body flushing with embarrassment. Grasping both of Dillon’s wrists she pulled the woman in against her back.


 “In the top draw of the side table… the wooden box…” Sarah stopped again unable to articulate her need any further and hoping Dillon would understand. She gasped as cool air reached the hot skin of her suddenly exposed back and she held her breath, praying she would not hear the sound of the door.


“Well…” Sarah heard Dillon chuckle and was too mortified to turn around to look at the woman.




Dillon had not been quite sure what to expect when she pulled the wooden box out of the draw but she sure as hell did not expect a brand new strap-on. A fresh flood of moisture flowed between her legs when she realised she could put it on without removing her leathers and she had an instant vision of taking the blonde hard against the plate glass of the hotel window. When she had the cock adjusted to where she wanted it she took it in her hand and stroked, drawing a tight groan from her throat as the base of the shaft rode against her swollen clit. This was something she had not done in a long time; her ex would never give up enough control to allow it.




Sarah heard a muffled groan then felt Dillon’s body against her back, this time with the added sensation of hard nipples rubbing over her back and hard silicone pressed against her behind. Sarah reached back to pull the dark haired woman harder against her body and groaned when she realised Dillon still had on her leather pants.


“Is this what you want?” Dillon rasped against her ear. “Tell me, Sarah. Do you want me to fuck you?” Dillon slipped both hands down the front of Sarah’s hips and slowly leaned over taking the shivering blonde with her. Easing back slightly she allowed the silicone shaft to slide between Sarah’s legs chafing against her heat.


“Tell me. I want you to say the words. Tell me what you want me to do.” She punctuated her words with a steady thrusting motion, a gentle teasing against the Sarah’s swollen folds.


“Oh God…please…I want you inside me,” Sarah gasped.


Dillon growled low in her throat as she slowly guided the shaft into Sarah’s waiting heat. She watched as the shaft slowly disappeared into Sarah’s hot flesh, gritting her teeth with the effort to control her movements, wanting nothing more than to thrust hard and fast into the body beneath her. Then finally buried to the hilt she stopped, relishing the sensation of the shaft grinding against her clit as Sarah’s body spasmed around it. Leaning forward to run the tip of her tongue up along Sarah’s spine, she reached down and softly traced an invisible pattern up the inside of the blonde’s thighs. Sarah cried out again as Dillon’s fingers parted her swollen folds and found her clit while starting a slow thrusting rhythm with the silicone shaft.




Sarah could not think, she could only feel, as soft fingers caressed her hot flesh and the now-warm shaft filled her body. Even with the edge taken from her need she could feel her orgasm approaching like a freight train and it took every single shred of control to pull her body away from Dillon once more. She wanted this powerfully, but she wanted it face to face. Wanted to be able to watch Dillon as the woman made her come. Placing hasty fingers over Dillon’s lips as she opened them to protest, Sarah guided her backwards pushing her down onto the bed before standing back, knees nearly buckling at the sight of the dark haired woman. Dillon sat slightly slouched against the headboard, her leather pants open, and riding low, her eyes hooded and dark with lust as she looked back at Sarah.


“Come here, baby. I got something for you,” she said as she grasped the base of the silicone shaft grinding it against her clit. Sarah’s body turned liquid at the erotic sight of Dillon’s obvious pleasure from the silicone cock rising up out of her pants and she climbed onto the bed to straddle leather clad thighs.


Sarah cried out as Dillon grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her forward, taking a hard nipple into her mouth. The shaft, still wet and warm from her body, came to rest once more hard against her clit. Sarah rocked against it convulsively; a mutual cry of pleasure ringing through the room as silicone slid into hot wet flesh. For a moment, neither woman moved-two heads thrown back, fingers gripping hip or shoulder-and then finally Sarah began a slow grinding movement of her hips.




Dillon managed to pry her eyes open-she simply had to see the moment this woman blasted over the edge-and was rewarded by the view of the lithe body arched bowstring tight above her. She knew it was only moments before Sarah exploded into orgasm and a sudden wicked smile crossed her face as she forced a halt to all movement. Sarah’s eyes snapped open and silently pleaded with the woman inside her to continue, she was so close. Dillon leaned forward and felt the Sarah’s body spasm slightly as she spoke close to her ear.




With gentle strength Dillon moved Sarah off her body and laid her on the bed before sliding across and standing up. Never taking her eyes from Sarah’s she removed the last barrier of clothing and moved to the foot of the bed.


“Do you want this?” she asked indicating the silicone appendage. “Or do you want me?” Dillon just managed not to chuckle at the look on Sarah’s face of almost frantic indecision.


“Why can’t I have both?” Sarah finally asked. Dillon reached out to Sarah pulling her onto her body.


“Absolutely no reason at all,” she groaned as the shaft slid slowly home once more. Dillon rested on her hands above Sarah, and with their eyes locked, resumed the slow grind of hips. Almost instantly, she was rewarded with the most exquisite of sights as the bright blue eyes suddenly glazed and darkened. Sarah’s legs locked around her hips and Dillon felt the golden body go rigid with the strength of her orgasm. The sight was enough to finally send Dillon over the edge; her eyes closed and an inarticulate cry was ripped from her throat as she came.




Sarah awoke slowly, rolling over and reaching blindly across the bed. The sound of water running in the bathroom cut through her sudden disappointment at finding the empty space beside her. A grin spread across Sarah’s face when she rolled over to the sight of a glorious expanse of smooth tanned flesh as Dillon ran a wash cloth over her shoulders and neck. Her body began to ache as she watched the ripple of back and shoulder muscles moving under sleek skin. Sliding from between the sheets, Sarah padded quietly to the door of the bathroom.



Dillon gasped when her back met the cool tiles of the bathroom wall and Sarah’s warm full lips descending on hers. Just as suddenly her lips were released and Dillon groaned as lush lips followed by sharp teeth closed over a rock hard nipple.


“Oh, God, Sarah” Dillon cried out as soft hands continued their exploration of her heated skin and Sarah’s mouth began an agonisingly slow decent down her body. She buried her hands into thick blonde hair, her head falling back, as Sarah drew her nails up the backs of her thighs and over her behind. Her breathing echoed harsh around the white tiled walls as her legs began to shake with the effort to keep her body upright.


Kneeling on the floor between spread feet, Sarah laid a soft kiss on each hipbone in front of her before looking up into the hot green eyes above. When Dillon’s legs began to tremble, Sarah wrapped a strong arm around her left hip and drew the right leg over her shoulder, bracing her lover against the wall. Anything Dillon might have said was reduced to a sharp cry as Sarah stole her first taste of sweet, swollen flesh.



Dillon twisted her hands in Sarah’s hair, trying to pull her mouth into closer contact. Resisting, Sarah tightened her hold on tawny skin and teased slick folds.


“God… Please… Sarah, now…” she pleaded, her voice cracking on the last word.


Sarah looked up from her position, catching Dillon’s eyes as she slowly pushed her tongue into direct contact with a very swollen clit. “Is this what you want?” she asked as she pulled away.


“God, Yes… Please.”


With excruciating slowness Sarah lowered her mouth to waiting heat and sucked the aching flesh into her mouth. Dillon’s body convulsed with pleasure and Sarah had to readjust her hold as she increased the pressure.


Dillon’s head fell back against the tile once again and everything became focused on the sensations flooding her nervous system. She could feel the cool slick tile against her back, the thick silk of the kneeling woman’s hair wrapped in her hands and the light caress of fingertips against her abdominal muscles. All of this warred for supremacy with the incredible sensation of Sarah sucking on her swollen clit and as she focused the sensation began its sharp spiral upwards.




Sarah tried to absorb every sensation--the silky feel and sweet taste of the flesh under her tongue; the heady aroma of the woman’s arousal. With her right hand braced as it was against Dillon’s abdomen she could feel the orgasm building with each ripple of her taut muscles and her own body began to tighten in return. Then the muscles beneath Sarah’s hands went rigid, hips jolted forward, and she held on tight as Dillon called out to a host of deities. With great care, Sarah kept up the pressure, drawing out her orgasm as it peaked, then slowly began to ebb. When it finally abated Dillon sagged and Sarah helped her sit, a leg on either side of Sarah’s hips.




Dillon wrapped her arms around Sarah and buried her face in her neck, inhaling the sweet scent of her skin.


“Damn. I could get used to this,” she said quietly and then stiffened when she realised what she had said. “Come on, let’s go back to bed. Your knees have to be killing you,” she said quickly, not moving from her position against Sarah’s neck and hoping to gloss over her slip.


“Yeah, sure.”


Dillon was not sure, but she thought she heard the slightest tinge of laughter to the blonde’s words and she sneaked a look at her face as they stood and did not know quite how to respond to the small grin she found.




Dillon watched Sarah climb into bed and settle against the pillows, her eyes feasting over the gorgeous expanse of flesh.


"You're not tired I take it," Sarah said with a chuckle. Dillon realised the hungry look must have been evident on her face.


"Well you did ask me earlier if you could have both."


Dillon smiled and slid her body over Sarah's, eliciting a groan of pleasure as their legs tangled together. Dillon wasted no time, sensing how ready the woman below her was from the evidence against her thigh. Shifting slightly Dillon pulled Sarah's leg over her hip, her own centre coming in contact with the other thigh as she ran her free hand over Sarah’s body.


"Oh God. Please don’t tease me… I'm ready now," Sarah said in a tight voice.


"I know," Dillon said with a chuckle.


Sarah captured the hand responsible for the exquisite torture, bringing it to her lips. Focusing on Dillon’s eyes she lavished attention across the knuckles before sucking two of the digits into her mouth, raising an expressive eyebrow as Dillon’s pupils dilated. Pulling back she gave them a final kiss before placing Dillon’s fingers firmly against her sex, leaving her lover with no doubt as to what she thought of her earlier teasing.


"Yes my lady," she chuckled and captured Sarah's lips in a slow, burning kiss.




Sarah was roused from dreamless, sated sleep by a knock on her door. Sitting up, she surveyed the room around her and sighed with resignation realising the only clothing she could see belonged to her.


"Oh, well," she thought. "The memory is worth it."


She stretched languidly, feeling all the pleasantly over worked muscles. A second knock on the door bought her fully back to the present and she called a question to the person on the other side.


"Room service, ma'am. You're breakfast."


With a puzzled frown she pulled on her robe and answered the door. "I didn’t order breakfast."


"It's definitely for your room, ma'am. I was also asked to make sure you received this," he said, handing her a cream envelope with the hotel's logo. Thanking him, Sarah opened the envelope and drew out a single sheet of thick cream paper and a business card.


"I thought you might need the energy.  Dillon”


Sarah smiled as she examined the business card. On the front was “Butler Design, Integrated IT Solutions. Dillon Butler, Software Designer.” Hand written on the back were a mobile phone number and the words "Only if you want to"


Sarah's smile grew as, breakfast forgotten, she reached for the phone.




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