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Maybe. In dreams.

by Snowolf



The only illumination in the room came from the starport, washing faintly over the occupants of the sofa beneath it. Soft sighs, low moans and the rustle of fabric over smooth skin were the only accompaniment. The blond, her pale skin and hair bleached colorless by starlight, arched back suddenly as her auburn-haired lover kissed her way down heated flesh. With her head thrown back and neck muscles corded she reached down, entangling her hands in thick red hair.

"Oh, God. Kathryn!"



"Wha.. What's wrong?"

Kathryn Janeway, Captain of the USS Voyager, respected leader and diplomat had just been busted. Her face flushed, as she tried valiantly to compose her thoughts before facing her first officer. Taking a deep breath and raking her hand through thick auburn locks, she turned.

"Yes, Chakotay. Is something wrong?"

"It’s an hour after shift change, Captain. I was a little concerned that you hadn’t left your ready room and thought I’d check in on you."

"An hour? " God, how long was I asleep?

"When you didn’t answer the second door chime, I decided to come in and see if you were okay," Chakotay said, struggling to suppress a smirk. "Must have been some, er, nightmare. You were moaning in your sleep. I didn’t realise personnel reports had that effect on you!"

"Thank you, Chakotay. I am fine as you can see. I'll just finish here and call it a day. Dismissed."

"Aye, captain," smirk firmly in place as he left the room.

Janeway glanced down at the last report she had been reading when her mind had wandered off.


God, Katie. What are you doing, old girl?

Seven had looked so vulnerable that night after her experience with the omega molecule. Not to mention exquisite. Her eyes shining and…

"Get a grip on yourself, Kathryn Janeway. You're her Captain, for God's sake!"

With an exasperated sigh, she logged off duty and left the ready room. Deep in thought she walked briskly across the bridge to the turbo lift, barely acknowledging her current bridge crew.

Stepping automatically from the lift when the doors opened, she continued along the corridor, briefly startled to find herself outside the door to Astrometrics. Reigning in her thoughts, she quickly turned to leave as the door opened.

"Captain, do you require my assistance?" came a familiar, level voice. Taking a deep breath Janeway slowly turned to face her Astrometrics officer.

Seven of Nine, formerly Tertiary Adjunct to Unimatrix 01, was sent to assist Voyager during their uneasy alliance with the Borg against species 8472 and ultimately severed from the collective when the alliance disintegrated. The only visible evidence remaining of her eighteen years as a Borg drone being the ocular implant above her left eye, a starburst below her right ear and the mesh encasing her left hand.

Well… those were the only ones plainly visible! The young woman's other remaining implants could be clearly seen beneath the skin-tight bio suits the Doctor required her to wear.

As well as a truly exquisite set of curves.

It was those curves caught the Captain's gaze, unconsciously mapping them, faltering only when she reached Seven's ice blue stare. Her throat constricted, as images from her earlier dream exploded out of her subconscious. All coherent thought ceased.

"Captain, you are ill. You must accompany me to sickbay."

Finally, collecting her scattered thoughts (and closing her mouth), she was able to respond.

"No, Seven. Really I'm fine I… I've just had… well I…" Focus Katie!

Taking a deep breath, she tried again.

"Seven, I was going to ask you for a game of velocity if you’ve finished your duty shift. I find I have an uncomfortable amount of excess energy I need to release."

That’s what you call it, huh, Katie?

"You are sure you do not require medical assistance?"

"Yes, Seven, honestly, I am fine. So, would you like to play?"

Seven stared intently at the Captain for a moment before replying.

"I, too, have been feeling somewhat… restless lately, Captain. My regeneration cycles have been disturbed by…dreams. In addition, I find my attention wandering during my duty shifts. It is most disconcerting," Seven said with apparent difficulty, a small frown marring her usually impassive features as she considered the Captain's request. "Yes Captain, I will join you. Physical activity may be what I require also."

"Good, I'll meet you at the holodeck in an hour," the Captain replied, before striding away. She continued to analyse her behavior as she headed back to her quarters, too preoccupied with her own difficulties to notice Seven’s.




"Match Janeway, 5 games to 4"

The Captain was leaning back against the holodeck wall breathing heavily, sweat running down her body. Seven was still stretched out on her back where she had landed trying to make the last shot.

"Are you all right, Seven?" Janeway asked, finally catching her breath.

"No," she replied shortly, "I am younger and, due to my Borg enhancements, I am physically superior to you, yet I am still unable to beat you. It is extremely frustrating."

"Seven, it's simply a case of having more experience at this game than you. Don’t be so hard on yourself," Janeway said, suppressing a chuckle

"I am Borg. Failure is not an option."

"Seven, it's just a game."

At this, Seven rose to her feet in one fluid motion giving the Captain a disgusted look. Janeway's breath caught in her throat at the graceful sight, images from her dream again roaring into her mind. Taking in the taller woman's disheveled hair, flushed features and the slight sheen of perspiration on her skin, her mouth went dry.

"Seven, I… ," she croaked

"Tuvok to the Captain."

Janeway started slightly at her Tactical Officer's hail but, in her distraction, did not answer immediately.


"Yes, sorry Tuvok, what's the problem?" Janeway answered briskly, trying to cover her lapse.

"I require your opinion on a minor security matter; however, it is not urgent. If you are unavailable, this can wait until tomorrow morning's senior staff meeting," the Vulcan stated.

"No Tuvok, that's fine. Seven and I have finished our game. I'll meet you in my ready room in half an hour. Janeway out."

"Sorry Seven, duty calls. Thanks for the game," Janeway called over her shoulder as she ran out the holodeck doors.

Seven raised an eyebrow at her Captain's odd behavior, then a small frown appeared again to mar her fine features and she, too, exited the holodeck.




"Warning. Regeneration cycle incomplete," said the soft feminine voice of the ship's computer.

She was unable to immediately determine the reason for her abrupt awakening as she stepped down from the alcove. Something just…felt…different. With a small frown at the imprecision of her reemerging humanity, she changed the view through her ocular implant for night vision. She scanned the immediate area around her alcove with no result, but the feeling persisted. Making a mental note to speak to the Doctor the following day, she turned back to her alcove. A soft sound and a familiar scent drifted to her on a faint air current, as if someone nearby had shifted slightly in the darkness. With her Borg technology making it possible for her to process information regular humans could not, she knew exactly who it was. Slightly puzzled at the behavior of her visitor, she continued on to her alcove. Stepping onto the platform, she felt a soft touch on her arm.

"Seven?" said in the barest whisper.

She turned at the softly expressed name, her breath catching, as she fell into the depths of the smaller woman's eyes. An irresistible force bought their bodies together, the familiar scent enveloping her. Their lips finding each other in a kiss that seared her nerve endings, leaving her breathless. She felt one hand running down her back, cupping her behind while the other went to her breast, teasing and pulling at her nipple. New feelings raged through her. Unable to access anything beyond this sensation, she tore her mouth away from the smaller woman.

"Captain!" she cried


"Warning. Regeneration cycle incomplete," voiced the ships computer.

Seven did not open her eyes immediately upon her abrupt return to consciousness, savoring the sensations coursing through her body in remembrance of the dream, her eidetic memory processing and storing this new information. Knowing it would be a futile exercise to attempt to reinitiate her regeneration cycle, as it had been so many times before, she decided to start her day early. The Doctor had recently advised her to begin increasing her intake of solid nutritional supplements, so after completing her morning routine, Seven made her way to the mess hall for breakfast.




B'elanna Torres was not a happy Klingon. She had been awake since 0230 hours trying to fix a fluctuation in Voyager's plasma injectors. Two hours and two pots of coffee later she was sitting in the mess, studying several padds of calculations, her frustration mounting.

"Lieutenant Torres. Good morning," the sudden voice startling a Klingon oath from her.

"No B'elanna. It is Seven. I fail to see any resemblance between this Klingon daiety and myself. I do not understand why you have reacted in this manner," she said in an innocent tone.

"If you didn't damn well sneak up on me all the time, it wouldn't happen, you dumb Borg!" B'lanna shouted

Seven's only answer was a raised ocular implant and a tiny, though triumphant, smile.

Voyager's Chief Engineer and resident Borg had not shared the best of relationships when Seven first arrived on Voyager. They were both brilliant women in their own right, however, the Klingon viewed Seven as cold and arrogant, while the young Borg saw the chief engineer as emotional and inefficient. Their many disagreements ranged in strength from biting and sarcastic to openly hostile. On more than one occasion, the Captain had been forced to step in to avoid bloodshed. Then, some months ago, their relationship began to change. It was as if they had reached a crossroads and decided that open hostility was no longer worth the effort. Over the following months, much to the surprise of most of Voyager's crew, they developed a strong friendship.

Still biting and sarcastic, but a friendship nonetheless.

"So, Borg, what are you doing up at this hour. I know you like to be punctual, but isn't 0430 hours a bit too efficient even for you?" her smile taking the edge from B'elanna's words.

"I was unable to regenerate successfully due to my… dreams," she said looking down at the table, a small frown lining her face.

Concern, edged with no small amount of humor, flared suddenly in B'elanna's dark eyes.

"I would have thought the… uh... educational program I suggested would have helped," B'elanna replied, trying to hide a smirk.

Seven had, in a quest to regain the future taken by the Borg with her assimilation at age 6, spent long hours pouring through Voyager's database researching what it meant to be 'Human'. This research had eventually led her to the subject of Human Sexuality. As a member of the Borg collective, Seven had the accumulated knowledge of thousands of species stored in her cortical implant, including their mating rituals, prohibitions and practices. These memories, however detailed, were of no practical use without the accompanying irrelevant emotions. So, Seven set out, purely in the name of scientific curiosity, to learn why this pursuit of non-reproductive copulation was so important to her new collective.

It was really only after Seven and B'elanna settled their differences that she began to understand. Several very blunt questions regarding the engineer's sexual experiences shed some light. However, it was B'elanna's frustrated suggestion she try an educational holodeck program that all but completed the young Borg's education. It also had an unexpected and wholly unnerving side effect. Seven began having, as B'elanna put it, the Borg equivalent of wet dreams. This amused the chief engineer immensely. She had actually fallen off her chair laughing when Seven, in a serious tone unique to the young woman, informed her of this. Trying in vain to suppress her laughter, B'elanna then suggested Seven try a different type of educational program.

"I fail to see the relevance of this new holodeck program you suggested, B'elanna," Seven said, giving the giggling engineer a disgusted look. "The only difference between this new one and the original program you suggested, is the level of actual sexual activity the holographic characters engage in."

With this announcement, the engineer burst into laughter so hard she fell off her chair. Again.

"Maybe you should not use furniture at all, Lieutenant, as you seem to be having great difficulty keeping your seat lately. You should see the Doctor, you may have a balance problem," Seven said in disgust before turning to leave.

"No wait, Seven. Hang on a minute. I'm sorry," B'elanna called, beginning to control herself. "Seven you were…supposed to…participate not just… watch," she gasped through her laughter.

"Participate? Explain," came the terse reply

"That program I told you about was designed for personal sexual gratification, as in you having sex with the holograms, not you watching them do it! I just thought you might have needed a little…release," B'elanna said, having finally controlled her mirth enough to actually form coherent sentences.





Janeway sat in her ready room very late in the evening, having been unable to sleep, finishing a few reports. Now, her eyes sandy and neck stiff, she wondered what the hell her mind was doing to her. The dreams featuring her gorgeous astrometrics officer that started some months ago, occasional at first, were gaining in both frequency and heat. "This is ridiculous," she said aloud, "honestly Katie, you're behaving like a lovestruck teenager!"

She caught herself with a chuckle, wondering what her crew would think if they saw her sitting here, in the middle of the night, arguing aloud with herself. Pushing back from her workstation, she tried to stretch the kinks out of muscles gone stiff from inactivity. After retrieving a coffee from the replicator, she moved to the sofa under the starport, sipping slowly while staring at the stars through Voyagers warp field. The last time Janeway had seen Seven for anything more than ship's business was a week ago when they had played velocity. "Admit it Kathryn you're avoiding her!" she thought. Since that day, she had dreamed of the young woman every night. Her mind drifted to those dreams, sifting through the heated images without focused thought. Fatigue caught up with her, and she drifted into sleep.

Janeway's head lifted at the door chime.


The door slid open admitting a tall, lithe figure. The Captain's breath caught at the sight of her Astrometrics officer. Seven was not dressed in one of her usual skintight bio suits. Her hair fell in a heavy golden mane around her shoulders; she wore a loose fitting, scarlet silk shirt, open to the top of her abdomen and tucked into loose cotton pants. The effect was striking.

"Computer. Seal doors, Captain's ready room. Borg encryption code 1- 5- 7 alpha," Seven said, her eyes never leaving the Captain's.


Janeway felt her heart rate increase and arousal flood through her at Seven's words. "What are you doing?" giving a token protest

"I believe you know exactly what we are going to do, Kathryn. Please do not deny me… us… this," the young woman said in a soft, husky voice.

Seven moved towards the stunned captain. Turning the woman's chair, she rested a hand on each side and leaned in until their lips were only microns apart. "Kathryn," she breathed.

The kiss, when it came, was hot and passionate. Any thought of decorum, or her rank on the ship, was driven from Kathryn's mind.

Janeway woke suddenly due to the half cold coffee soaking into her command tunic. In a rare display of anger and frustration, she swore and threw the coffee mug across her ready room. Whether due to the coffee stain or the interrupted dream, she refused to acknowledge. Immediately regretting her actions, she leaned back on the couch, bringing a hand up to cover her eyes.

"God, Kathryn, you need a holiday," she groaned, then removed the tunic and ran it through the recycler to clean it.

"Computer. State the time," she said with a sigh.

"The time is 0430 hours."

Then, unable to stop herself, she added "Computer. Locate Seven of Nine."

"Seven of Nine is in the mess hall."

After a short mental argument about the wisdom of what she was about to do, she reached a decision, and before she could change her mind, she strode out of the ready room on her way to the mess hall.

Just inside the mess hall doors she came to an abrupt halt, eyes widening, trying to understand the picture she saw before her. B'elanna, lying on the floor. Seven, with her back to Janeway, leaning over the reclining engineer.

"What in blazes is going on here," her voice like a whiplash through the large empty room. "You haven't been fighting again? For Gods sake, I thought you'd settled all this."

Both women, startled by their Captain's unexpected appearance, scrambled to attention.

"No, Captain," began B'elanna. "Seven has been having some… personal difficulties of late and I was attempting to help her resolve them."

"And how exactly is rolling around on the floor assisting Seven?" Having said this an image flashed into the Captain's head of just which personal difficulty would entail rolling around on the floor. "Belay that. I... I don't want to know." With that she turned and stalked from the room.

Both women had seen the mix of emotion flash through the Captain's normally deep blue eyes. They were aware of which emotions usually made them turn the flat slate grey they became as she left the room. Seven turned to B'elanna giving her a concerned look.

"I believe the Captain thinks we have reinitiated our earlier enmity."

"No, Seven, I think it's more than that," the engineer said thoughtfully, "The way she looked at you, then turned back to me, trying to burn me where I stood, with that look of hers…Holy Shit! Oh, no! I am a dead woman. Quick Seven you've gotta find her. Explain what was going on just before she came in. Please?" B'elanna pleaded with Seven.

"I do not understand what you are talking about, B'elanna Torres. Why would the Captain be upset with us sharing a humorous situation, even if it was at my expense."

"The Captain thinks we were, you know, fooling around in here." Receiving a blank look from Seven, she continued, "Think about everything you've told me over the last few weeks. Her interaction with you, the physical responses you thought you witnessed. Those things, combined with that 'look' I just received, all add up to a love struck Janeway."

"I believe you are exaggerating. The Captain has not wished to initiate a romantic relationship with any other member of this crew, why would I be any different?" Seven said, struggling and failing to keep a small note of pain from her voice.

"Look Seven… Geez... you just are O.K. Will you just trust me on this? A few odd things I've witnessed myself are just beginning to add up as well."

"Clarify," came Seven's abrupt reply. The young Borg felt her stomach lurch at the possibility that what B'elanna was saying might actually be true. Taking a deep breath B'elanna started her list

"How many other crew members do you see doing the following," she said ticking them of on her fingers, "First. Who else is given the leeway to argue with anything she says baring a direct order? Second. How many others does she play velocity with? Third. Who is it she chooses to spend her time discussing anything for hours on end? Can't you see this Seven? You are the only one she's shown DiVinci's studio, the only one who has dinner in her quarters regularly, the only one she watches sleep...," having realized the instant it was out of her mouth, she had let slip with something only she knew. The look in the young Borg's eyes was unreadable.

"Captain Janeway… watches… me regenerate? You are certain?" she said in a small, flat voice. B'elanna could only nod in reply.

The smile she gave the engineer before turning and sprinting from the mess hall washed over her like the warm summer sun.

"God! Now I don’t know who to be more envious of," B'elanna groaned.



Thankfully the corridors leading back to Janeway's quarters were empty. It would not be good for the crew's moral to see their leader as upset as she was at this moment. She cursed herself, as a fool for assuming Seven would be available to her when she finally gave up wrestling with her humanity versus duty dilemma. "Why wouldn't she find comfort with B'elanna?" she raged silently "It's not like you ever gave her any indication of your interest. There is also the fact that she is younger than you, Katie. They have so much more in common, and she knows how to have fun!"

Upon entering her quarters, Janeway opened a storage compartment taking out a bottle that had been presented to her as a diplomatic gift. The rich amber liquid was remarkably similar to a fine Terran scotch, right down to its intoxicating qualities. Pouring a stiff measure of the fine liquor, she walked over to the starport. The Captain was staring blankly at the starfield when her regular Alpha Shift wakeup call came over her comm system. Realizing, largely due to the alcohol in her hand, she would be of no use to anyone for the foreseeable future she logged herself off duty for the next 48 hours and returned to her musings.

"What, exactly, would you have to give her anyway? All you have is your duty, responsibility and control," she said aloud.

"That is not correct Captain." Not having heard the door to her quarters open, the sudden voice startled her. For the second time in as many hours, she felt cold liquid stain her command tunic as she jumped at the young woman's words.

"Seven! It is customary to request admittance before entering someone's quarters," she barked, trying to cover her shock and refusing to turn around.

"I felt it was necessary as, I believe, you would not have granted that admittance. Am I in error with this assumption, Captain?" Seven replied steadily.

The stubborn silence Janeway's only reply as she stared fiercely at the port.

"Don't you have to be on duty soon, Seven?" she said after a few minutes.

"No, Captain, actually I do not. I am scheduled for two days off duty rotation. However, I do not have anyone to spend that time with, so I had planned to help Lieutenant Torres recalibrate the plasma injectors."

"After what I witnessed in the mess hall this morning, I find that hard to believe," the Captain growled.

"Are you referring to your first assumption that Lieutenant Torres and I are fighting again and, therefore, cannot work together, or your second assumption that we are engaged in a romantic relationship thereby having company during my off duty rotation?" Seven asked innocently.

"Either… Both… I don’t know," Janeway answered suddenly sounding defeated.

Seven was profoundly shocked by the emotions this usually rock solid female standing before her was now displaying. In spite of the Captain's actual physical stature, she had always radiated a presence that made her appear much larger. Through all the arguments they'd had during her time on Voyager, this one fact had never altered. The small, fiery, red head would stand toe to toe with the young Borg never wavering, never admitting defeat. Seven's heart lurched at the Captain's pain, wanting nothing more than to comfort her.

"Captain… Kathryn, you are not correct," Seven stated quietly.

"Which part? The fighting or the relationship?" Janeway answered, wishing Seven would just leave her alone with her scotch.

"B'elanna is my friend. Only my friend," she said, reaching out to place her hand on the Captain's shoulder. The older woman flinched but did not pull away. Encouraged by this, Seven continued in the same soft voice.

"Your third assumption that you have nothing to give me is also incorrect, Kathryn. You give me more, everyday, than any one woman has a right to ask, just by being here with me… for me. You are much more than the sum of your duty, responsibility and control in this universe. You are the woman that I… love."

As she whispered these last words, she enfolded Janeway in her arms, burying her face in the thick hair at the back of the Captain's head, breathing deeply. This was what her dreams had been trying to tell her. This feeling, the warmth of the older woman's body scorching her through the layers of their clothing… this feeling was the missing piece of her assimilated memories. In that instant she understood what being human, truly human, meant. Tightening the embrace, Seven brushed her lips softly against the Captain's throat just below her ear. Janeway, who had relaxed into the embrace, suddenly tensed and pulled out of Seven's arms.

"No! You do not know. How can you understand this, whatever 'this' is, without a point of reference?" at this Kathryn's small inner voice chimed in "What the hell are you saying, Katie? An hour ago this was exactly what you wanted." The Captain walked slowly to the sofa, slumping down in the soft cushions, covering her face in her hands. The fire draining from her as quickly as it had flared. Maybe I am finally going insane.

"Kathryn, why have you been avoiding me?"

The sudden change of topic seemed to startle the Captain for a moment. For the first time since the young woman had arrived in her quarters, Janeway looked up at her, the standard denial unvoiced on her lips. There standing before her was a vision from her dreams.

"Seven I.. I think…Oh, Annika, you are beautiful," she whispered.

And she was. The emotions, usually so tightly controlled by the young woman, now blazed from her clear blue eyes. The austere bun she wore had loosened unnoticed, allowing strands of fine gold hair to fall, softening her flushed features.

"Why have you been avoiding me?" she asked again, moving to sit next to the Captain on the sofa.

"Because of this. These feelings. I've been in this self imposed solitude for so long, I don't think I'm capable, or worthy, of what you seem to be offering me."

"What is it you believe I am offering Kathryn?" Stating this in her Borg voice made Janeway falter.

"Well I… I thought you were… Oh, God. I'm sorry, Seven, I thought you…," the Captain's voice trailed off as she began to struggle up from the chair, wanting nothing more than to escape this perceived humiliation. Seven placed a hand on Janeway's shoulder and pulled her gently back down in the seat. She whispered softly to the Captain.


Before the older woman could voice any further objections, Seven leaned in and kissed her. Desire flashed through her body with, almost, frightening intensity. Lifting her Borg enhanced hand to gently frame Kathryn's face, she deepened the kiss.

Kathryn groaned as sensation coursed through her body, lifting her arms to enfold the young woman, pulling Seven down hard against her. A single thought leapt into her mind before she surrendered completely.

Resistance is futile.

Seven felt her Captain's resistance crumble with the groan, as she eased them back against the length of the sofa gently resting her weight onto the smaller body below her. Her Borg hand flexing through thick auburn hair before beginning an exploration of Janeway's body through her clothes. Sensors set into the fingertips registered the changes occurring beneath them, the sudden elevation in both body temperature and respiration, muscles twitching and jumping with each new contact. After exploring the length of the Captain's side, Seven returned her hand to the older woman's breast, feeling the nipple harden beneath her touch.

"Too many clothes," Seven said, her words muffled against Kathryn's throat.

The words ragged and so unlike Seven's usually precise speech were the Captain's final undoing. Pulling the young woman up level with her eyes, she growled, "My bedroom. Now."

Seven quirked an eyebrow at the order but, for once, was not going to argue. She picked Kathryn up and carried her into the other room. Standing beside the bed, she released the Captain's legs allowing her feet to lower, slowly, to the deck. The feeling of this woman's body sliding against her own was enough to shred the last ounce of Seven's control. Again using her Borg enhanced hand, she neatly sliced open the Captain's command tunic and underwear exposing hardened nipples and the length of her muscled stomach.

The flash of heat caused by her sudden exposure to Seven's eyes led the Captain to tear at the fastenings of the young woman's bio suit, peeling it back from creamy skin, her hands and lips caressing every inch as it was exposed. Feeling Seven begin to sway, Kathryn turned and gently guided her onto the bed, where she joined her after removing the rest of her own clothing. Staring down along the expanse of creamy, trembling flesh, she whispered, "God…Annika, you are exquisite."

"Kathryn. Please, I need you. Now!"

Anxiety suddenly ripped through Kathryn. "God, Katie. This is her first time. You had better get it right!" However, before she could voice her insecurities, Seven continued.

"Please. I need your hands on me…in me!" the young woman pleaded.

This declaration was like cold water over her ardor.

"When have you…Who else has…?" Kathryn asked, suddenly afraid of Seven's answer.

"Self stimulation, Captain. I am Borg, Not dead," Seven answered with obvious frustration.

The images of Seven's own hands running over those luscious curves rocketed into Janeway's mind, and with an animal growl, she lowered her mouth to the young woman's breast. Settling her body fully onto the lanky blonde, she pulled the nipple into her mouth, nipping gently. Seven, carefully keeping her Borg hand away from Janeway's body, flexed her human hand into the muscles of the Captain's shoulder, moaning low in her throat. Kathryn released the now aching nipple brushing her lips across Seven's chest to tease and nip at her left breast while running her hand down the young woman's side and pulling her leg up over her hip. Kathryn's thigh sliding against her, hands igniting wherever they touched and the hot mouth on her breasts all combined to drive Seven to the edge.

"Kathryn, please I want you to… Oh, yes…I want you to taste me!"

Kathryn groaned, yielding to Seven's request. Trailing her tongue along the expanse of muscled abdomen, she reveled in the combined taste of metallic implants and heated skin. Taking her time reaching her destination, arousing her lover to fever pitch, she pulled the younger woman's knees over her shoulders before lowering her mouth to hot, wet flesh.

Seven's body spasmed hard as her first climax ripped through her, Janeway rode out the shudders without ever losing contact. When the younger woman's body began to subside, Kathryn began again, slowly thrusting a finger into her sex and continuing the rhythmic contact with the bundle of nerves above. Gasping for breath, Seven attempted to associate what she was feeling with what she had seen in the holodeck program, but as her orgasm approached, rational assessment ceased to be possible. Grasping the back of Kathryn's head and pulling the older woman's mouth into still closer contact, she came.



After allowing the young woman to return gently to herself, Kathryn released her grip moving back up along the lean muscled body until she reached full red lips, kissing them with all the tenderness she could muster.

Seven's eyes were still closed, a small frown creasing her brow. Janeway's earlier performance anxiety resurfaced.

"My love are you all right? Did I… Oh, God, I didn't hurt you, did I?" she asked with alarm.

Eyes still closed she replied, "No, Kathryn, you did not. I am attempting to file this experience, in its entirety, into my eidetic memory. I do not wish to… ever… forget this moment."

Having said this she opened her eyes flashed a broad smile at her lover and kissed her with depth and passion. "Thank you."

With Kathryn's body measuring the length of Seven's, they held each other tightly for a few moments before Seven said softly, "You still have not answered my question adequately. These feelings have been here between us for some time, if my observations of your body's reactions to me are correct." Kathryn only nodded in reply, not sure where the young woman was going with this. "Yet, your abrupt withdrawal happened only eight days ago. Explain."

"I… Well, I… Seven, I'm truly sorry," she stammered. Then realising the truth, however awkward and juvenile, was important after what they had just shared, she continued. "Over the last few months I've been... dreaming about you. Well, not just dreaming, I… I have been, but they… the dreams I mean… were a bit, well… heated, I guess you could say."

"You have been experiencing 'wet dreams'?" Seven replied with surprise.

"More research?" Janeway chuckled.

"No, Kathryn. I, too, have been experiencing 'dreams' and that was the phrase supplied by B'elanna."


"Indeed," said Seven. Then, with a decidedly feral grin, she continued "Tell me of your dreams, Kathryn."

With a voice suddenly husky from desire she did. Part way through her recounting of a particularly heated scene, involving the sofa in the ready room (a location most of them seemed to include), Seven rolled them both over and began kissing and nipping along the Captain's jaw and down the column of her throat to her breasts. Kathryn's voice came to an abrupt halt.

"Do not stop, Kathryn. I did not mean to distract you."

Kathryn, whose mouth was suddenly very dry, swallowed hard and continued.

"Well, you were kissing and… Oh yess… sucking on my nipples," she breathed

"Like I am now Kathryn?"

"Oh, God, yes. Just like that!" she groaned

"And then?" This question being muffled against the Captain's breast

"While you were…Ahh… doing that, you began running your hand… your Borg hand, over my body and down…Oh, God… justlikethat."

Unable to continue as two of Seven's Borg enhanced fingers thrust deep into her body, she arched off the bed and cried out. Seven smiled at the sight of this amazing woman beneath her and began a slow deep thrusting in Kathryn's body, marveling at the heat and wetness and the increasingly strong muscle contractions around her fingers. Shifting slightly she began an ardent descent down the Captain's body, ending with a long swipe of her tongue over the older woman's throbbing clit. After long years of celibacy, this one movement combined with the long fingers stroking deep inside her was enough to launch Kathryn into high orbit. Following a long, wordless cry, she subsided back onto the mattress as small aftershocks rippled through her. She tried to speak but her throat was too dry too allow it. She swallowed and tried again.

"Sorry, that was a bit quick, but it's been a while. Where did you learn that anyway?"

Seven didn't remove her fingers from inside Kathryn but shifted up beside her, propping her head on her unoccupied hand.

"It was B'elanna's suggestion of an educational holodeck program, to help fill the gaps in my knowledge of human sexuality. At the time, I did not realise her intention was for me to experience personal sexual release. That is what she and I were discussing in the mess hall earlier. She became uncontrollably amused when she realised I had not participated as she had expected, only watched."

"Well, you learn fast, I'll give you that," Kathryn said then caught her breath as Seven began exquisitely slow movements of her fingers.

"I am Borg. I strive for perfection," she growled. "In everything!"

'Computer!" Kathryn choked then cleared her throat and began again.

"Computer. Privacy lockout Captain's Quarters and Comm badge, next 46 hours, except for high alert or emergency conditions.


"Computer initiate same conditions, Comm badge, Seven of Nine"


Seven's fingers settled into a slow rhythm as the Captain finished speaking.

"It is fortunate that I am Borg. Due to my enhanced metabolism I will not require rest for the next 60.1 hours," she said, arching her implanted brow.

"Oh dear!"





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